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498. Friends-cut done.

If you can't see this entry, it means that i've cut ya from my flist...

Believe me or not, I really hate doing that.
If i've cut you, it's either because you were inactive or because we don't click anymore.

Comments are allowed if you want me to tell you why I've cut you personally. ♥
{framboises} I didn't mean to

Friends cut :(

I made a tiny tiny tiny friends-cut; I hate doing that.
But i've realized that I want a very small list of friends.
And I don't want to add people at the mo.
I feel pretty happy with my flist now because I care about every single person in it.

I don't consider a flist as a group of people which can be very big, just to show that you are actually popular on livejournal.
Livejournal is, for me, a way to meet people and to create friendships.
That's why I've done this friends-cut.
I'm already good friends with some persons on my flist and i'll surely become with others of you.

I want a flist where I know every person by their name and I know about their lives.
I really hope for those of you who have been cut that you'll understand.
I'm just trying to be honest.

If you can see this post, it means that you're still a part of my flist ♥

For those who have been cut, it doesn't mean that I don't care about you. It's just that we haven't clicked or we went on separated ways.
But don't ask me to add you again because I won't. I really wish you all the best for the future.

Amélie xxx
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{framboises} I didn't mean to


I've done a small friends-cut. If you can see the entries below this one, it means that you're still on my flist.
Sorry i had to make it. I've cut people i didn't feel close to & people who rarely updated their lj.
Keeping my flist small is the best thing to do for me right now. I'm pretty busy with college and wouldn't want to neglect people i feel close to because i'm too lazy to browse through a large friends page.
Take care ♥
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{framboises} I didn't mean to


The following persons have been removed from my flist; please remove me from yours. _oubliette, ate_a_bug, boo_youwhore, lalalalovesong, dearstudioaud, dramariffic, jeh_jeh, mccrack, cigarettesmoke, slides_away, sayittwice.

I'm sorry but don't take it personnaly. I've cut you because i've rarely commented on your livejournal or you've rarely commented in mine. Or we don't have that much in common and i don't want to be one of those lj-members who want to get a big flist, just to say "hey, i'm popular on lj".
I don't want to be fake with you, pretending i'm your friend when i'm not. I really hope that you'll all understand why it was necessary and that you won't be mad at me. Please don't ask to be added again, i've thought a lot before doing this.

I wish ya all the best for the rest of your life. Okies, it must sound dumb but i really wish you the best. ♥